CaptureSystem2 – PRMS


General features that are include in each Capturesystem2 (Orbesoft) system include:  quick return on investment · additional local validation · no host programming required · additional security layer separate from the host security · pre-configured transactions tailored to your specific needs · optional transaction history log stored on server · automatic host communication recovery · support for most label printing solutions · send email warnings and notifications · support for telnet and graphical windows mobile devices · enhanced functionality above ERP transactions · smart screen prompting · tool set for development · remote support


PRMS Customers

CaptureSystem²® allows PRMS customers to implement real-time, radio frequency based, data collection in various areas of the plant and shop floor. This solution offers PRMS customers a wide variety of data collection transactions, each geared to their specific requirements. Our list of template transactions is constantly growing.

Popular Mobile Transactions for PRMS


Purchase Order Receiving


Purchase Order Disposition Updates


Shop Floor Material Issues


Warehouse Transfers (Inventory Movement)


Inventory Adjustments


Inventory Inquiry


Physical Inventory and Cycle Counting


Shop Floor Labor and Production Reporting


Shipment Confirmation


Shipment Confirmation

(License Plating)

License plating that works outside of PRMS

(Staging) IN0022

Staging that works with existing PRMS allocated orders

The CaptureSystem2 PRMS solution communicates real time with PRMS and can provide you with twenty-four (24) hour data collection functionality even when your host system is not available.

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